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Monday, August 18, 2014

August 2014 Birchbox Unboxing

Hello there, welcome back!!

I'm so excited to have received this month's Birchbox!! For those of you who may not be familiar with Birchbox, it is a monthly subscription service that costs $10/mo and provides you with 4-6 samples hand-picked for you and delivered right to your mailbox! When you subscribe to the service, you fill out a questionnaire that helps them pick items suited to your needs and style. Birchbox is one of the original subscription boxes, and it has one of the best points systems: for every 100 points earned, you get $10 to spend in their shop. It's easy to earn points through reviewing the products received, shopping in their store and referring friends!

Birchbox ships their boxes within other boxes (like a nesting doll), and this month the outer box was hot pink, and had an address label that was just too cute - I often imagine people refer to me as I've never been called "Queenly" before, and I like it!

The items typically come packaged in a simple brown cardboard box, however from time to time they do mix it up if they have a special collaboration going on.
 These boxes can easily be reused to store small items or to wrap presents in, 
so go ahead and keep your boxes!

Each month there is a theme, and for August it was "Lighten Up". The box comes with a card describing the items you received on one side, and a cute little statement on the other side; my card instructed me to "Keep Calm and SPF On".

I usually open the box to view the contents before I read the card - 
it intensifies the surprise factor for me.

First look inside my August 2014 Birchbox

 The first items to catch my eye were the Neil George Shampoo & Conditioner.
 (1.69 oz each, $9 total value)
I was very happy to receive both items of equal size, as that doesn't always happen; sometimes I get a good sized shampoo with a tiny packet of conditioner, and other times just the shampoo or conditioner by themselves. In my opinion, it's so much better
 to get to try the two together, as they go hand in hand. 

 Next is Key West Aloe Moisturizing Lotion in their Mango scent.(1 oz, $2 value) 
This lotion smells like the beach; I look forward to trying it out on my upcoming vacation. 

This little guy is the pillow box that comes in most Birchboxes.
 There are usually a couple of smaller items tucked away inside - 
like a surprise inside of a surprise (they really like that nesting doll approach)! 
Let's see what we have this month...

It's the Nugg beauty Revitalizing Face Mask! ($2.99 Value)
I love a good face mask - there's just something about walking
 around  your house with a thick layer of goop on your face,
 hoping nobody decides  to drop by before you wash it off.

 Finally, we come to my product choice for the month:
Laura Geller Cool Lids Eyeshadow in the shade Silver Sands. (0.17 oz, $12.50 value)
 Birchbox recently began letting subscribers choose one product from a small selection of items, thus creating a more custom-made box. This month you had your pick of a bronzer, eyeliner, lip & cheek stain or cream eyeshadow; as you can see, I chose the shadow.
  I'm very excited to try this out and let you know my thoughts on it!

Final Thoughts: Overall, I really enjoy this month's box! I spent $10 on it, and it has a total value of roughly$26- not too shabby!! On top of that, if I give a review on all 5 products, I will get 50 points (or $5 to use in the shop)! I am pleased with the size of all of the samples, especially the shampoo and conditioner, and I am most excited to try out the eyeshadow! If you're subscribed to Birchbox, what did you think about you August box?

If you're interested in trying out Birchbox for yourself, click here.


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