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Friday, April 10, 2015

Three Things Thursday 4-09-15

Hi there lovelies!

Welcome back to Three Things Thursday; let's check out the three things I'm currently loving:

Ardell Individuals Lashes 

Wearing individual lashes
Please excuse the stray eyelash...
False lashes

 I had always wanted to try individual false lashes, but they intimidated me a bit. I purchased both the Flare Short and Flare Medium,  along with the glue, and they sat in my drawer for about 3 months before I finally decided to try them out. Let me tell you, I am so happy I did! While they are a bit tricky to apply - you have to finagle them to lay the way you want them to, something that I'm sure will become easier with experience - they last for quite a while! I use the semi-permanent glue, and the lashes lasted me almost a full week! Some people may not like the permanency, so you can use regular strip lash glue if you would like, but I prefer them to stay on for as long as possible (the website says they can last up to six weeks, but I have yet to see that happen). I apply 4-5 of the medium length lashes on my outer eyes, and then 4-5 of the short length lashes towards the center, leaving the inner corners natural. It really enhances the look of my eyes, but is not over the top. I find that when I have the lashes on, it eliminates the need for me to apply mascara to my top lashes, which saves me a few minutes when getting ready.  I was at Sephora the other day, and I was asked by a cast member if my lashes were real, or if I had gotten extensions. When I told her they were individual falsies, she was floored! Needless to say, these lashes will become a regular part of my beauty routine.

 Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion

This has been such a time saver in the morning! You simply shower as usual, and then rub the Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion on and rinse it off. Voila - instant moisture! I usually apply this right before rinsing out my conditioner, so then all I do is rinse off from head to toe, and I'm done with my shower. You may be wondering how it saves time, since I still have to apply it as I would regular lotion. Well, it only takes about one minute to incorporate the in-shower moisturizer into my routine, and about 5 minutes to apply lotion after the shower with the dry time and what not. 4 minutes may not seem like much, but I can use every minute I can get in the morning! Also, the Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion smells so nice and fresh, and leaves my skin so soft, it's a win for me!

The Balm Read My Lips Lipgloss in Snap!

I was given this by my friend because she didn't think the color worked well for her, and it has quickly become one of my go-to glosses. It is a nice nude shade that leans towards the tan side (like a very light milk chocolate color). I tend to use this on casual days when I just want a sheer wash of natural color. It is a very moisturizing gloss that is not at all sticky, with a slightly fruit scent. It makes me feel pulled together without being too complicated, and I just love it!

 That wraps up this week's Three things Thursday! What are you loving this week?

Thanks for spending some time with me  - live a beautiful life!



  1. I was contemplating trying theBalm lipsticks! I'm now even more keen to try it out! I am doing a friends make up this Saturday and bought individual lashes for them. Do you have any tips in your experience on easiest ways to apply or use them? I'm pretty intimidated by them too!

    1. Hi Michelle! My tips for applying individual lashes are: less is more when it comes to glue; if you use too much, it fuses your natural lashes together, causing them to look clumpy. Also, use longer lashes on the outer corners and shorter lashes as you work your way in. I use tweezers to drop the eyelash onto my lashes, close to my lashline, and then press them down (individuals sit on your lashes, while strip lashes sit on your lid). Allow them to dry for a few seconds before any blinking, or else they might move or become dislodged. Hope that helps :)


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