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Friday, July 3, 2015

The Whole Palette Challenge: Lorac Pro Palette and *Special Announcement*

Hi Lovelies - hope you are well!

I have for you another Whole Palette Challenge with my friend Melissa from the YouTube channel MakeupMinnie83.  Make sure you stop by her YouTube channel to see the looks Melissa comes up with! The rules are simple: You have 7 days to create looks using all of the eye shadows in the chosen palette. Depending on the size of the palette, you must create between 5 and 7 looks, and you must use every shade in the palette at least once. You can use the same shade in multiple looks (some palettes only have one transition or matte highlight shade), and you can even bring in outside colors if need be (some palettes have no matte black or dark brown).

The goal of this challenge is to push you out of your comfort zone, and to allow your creativity to flow. Sometimes I find myself in a shadow funk - reaching for the same colors over and over again. This challenge will really force us to think outside the box and try looks and combinations that we tend to shy away from on a daily basis. For this challenge, we set chose a classic: the original Lorac Pro Palette!

Lorac Pro Palette, $42 on the Lorac website

This is such a classic, versatile palette that is great for all occasions, from every day neutral to dramatic smoky night-out looks. The palette comes with 16 shades, 8 of the shades are shimmer and the other 8 are matte. The shadows work both wet and dry, allowing you to use any shade as an eyeshadow or a liner. This is one of the creamiest eyeshadow formulas I have had the pleasure of using, and the color glides on and blends out like an absolute dream. If I were to recommend just one high end palette to start off (or add to) your collection, it would have be the Lorac Pro Palette! 

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I had such a great time playing around with all the combination possibilities this palette offers - let's see what I created (make sure you check out Melissa's looks as well!):

Look 1:
Look 1
For this look, I used Mauve as a transition shade, Pewter all over the lid, a smidgen of Deep Purple in the outer V and smudged under the lower lashline, Nude as an inner corner highlight, and White on the browbone. For mascara I used Rimmel Wonder'Lash in Extreme Black.

Look 1

Look 2:

Look 2
For the second combination, I went for a "no-makeup" look: I applied Champagne all over the lid, and then used Sable to deepen the outer crease just a bit and also smudged that under the lower lashes. I used White on my brow bone, and smudged a little bit of Stila Stay all Day liner in Damsel on my outer lashline; Rimmel Wonder'Lash mascara completed the look. 

Look 2

Look 3: 
Look 3
To get the third look, I used Taupe in the crease, Light Bronze on the lid, Espresso in the outer V and on the lower lashline, and Cream on the brow bone. I once again used Rimmel Wonder'Lash to complete the look.

Look 3

Look 4: 

Look 4
Look 4 is the most dramatic of the combinations I came up with for the palette. I started off by placing a piece of tape from the outside corner of my eye to my brow bone; this gives a clean, sharp edge to the look.I then applied a black base to my mobile lid (NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean works well for this). I used Taupe as my transition shade, bringing it up pretty far towards the brow. Next, I applied Slate all over the mobile lid, on top of the black base. I used Deep Purple in the crease and Black on the outer V and on the lower lashline. For the inner corner highlight, and at the top of my brow bone, I used Light Pink. I lined my eyes with a black gel liner (upper and lower lashlines), applied copious amounts of black mascara, and finished the look with a pair of false eyelashes. 

Look 4

Look 5: 

Look 5
This is a look I created using only matte shades from the palette. I applied Cream all over the lid, from lashline to brow bone, and then blended Taupe into my crease. I used Sable on my mobile lid, and Espresso on the outer corner to deepen things up. I smudged Sable under my lower lashes,and used Light Pink to highlight. Can you guess what I used for mascara? If you said Rimmel Wonder'Lash, you are psychic...OK, maybe not so much, but great job!

Look 5

Look 6: 

Look 6
The sixth look is one of my favorites (hence three pictures instead of two!)- it's warm and golden, and perfect for a summer night (or day!). First, Taupe was used as a transition shade. Gold was then pressed all over my mobile lid, followed by Garnet in the crease and outer corner, and White as a highlight. A brown gel eyeliner was used for the wing,  and Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara was applied to complete the look (woohoo for something different!).
Look 6

Look 6

Look 7: 

Look 7
The final look I like just as much as look 6, so I will also honor it with 3 pictures :)
I used Mauve in the crease and blended it up towards the brow. I then foiled Pewter by picking up some of the shadow with my brush and spritzing it with a setting spray to dampen it; this I pressed onto the lid to create a deeper, more intense color payoff. I took a combination of Sable and Espresso and used it in the outer v, blending it into the crease. I used Nude on the inner corner, and cream under the brow. I lined my upper lashline with Stila Stay all Day liner in Damsel, and ran Pewter under my lower lashline. I used Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara to finish off the look.
Look 7

Look 7

And there you have the looks I created for the Whole palette challenge using the Lorac Pro Palette! I hope you like what I came up with; if you decide to try any of these looks out for yourself, please share - I'd love to see them!  Post them to social media using #msadventuresinmakeup and #wholepalettechallenge :)

Please, please, please check out Melissa's creations for this challenge - she is a gorgeous person with an amazing personality who is a makeup wiz, and her combinations for the challenges are always different than mine. Show her some love and let her know I sent you over!

If you made it this far into the post, I have a surprise for you! Melissa and I have teamed up and are offering you the chance to win your very own Lorac Pro Palette! We both love this palette so much, we want to give our loyal followers a chance to try it out for themselves! For your chance to win, please click below! 

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 This is a giveaway for 1 lucky winner to receive the Lorac Pro Palette (valued at $42). It is open to US residents only and will be open until Jul 11, 2015. The winner will be contacted directly by Jessica or Melissa. Giveaway is being run through Rafflecopter. 

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