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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Beauty Confessions Tag

Hi lovies - welcome back to the blog! Today I am going to be participating in a beauty tag!

The Beauty Confessions Tag was created by Cassie Hampson, who has a wonderful blog about "beauty, life and nerdy things". The tag consists of 7 questions that all have to do with confessing something in the field of beauty.

I'm going to tag Beauty by Alexis, Makeup Minnie, Forever You, My Pink Rambles, Teapots and Elephants, and Lipstick and Bubbles. If you want to participate, just copy and paste the questions below (I listed the questions in the comments), tag some other great beauty lovers, and then link back to me! 

Now, on to the tag!

1.) What is your biggest beauty product addiction? (Lippies, blushes, highlighter, bronzer, mascara, etc.)

Eyeshadow! I just love all the shades and formulas available, and how you can create so many unique looks using a basic color palette!

2.) How many products do you have from your addiction?

I’m not sure how to count them - singles, palettes, trios? Let’s just say I have hundreds of shadows…

3.) What is one type of beauty product you hate? (highlighters, hairspray, etc.)

I can’t think of anything I hate, per se, but I guess we can go with sunless tanner. I love the results when applied properly, but I rarely, if ever, apply it properly. IMO, nothing looks worse than poorly applied self tanner, so I just stay away from it most of the time.

 4.) What has been your biggest challenge in beauty? (ex: a technique you learned or leaving a beauty comfort zone)

Winged liner. I can never get it to look proper on my right eye…the left one usually comes out great though lol!

5.) What is one beauty comfort zone you don’t ever think you’ll leave?

I’m pretty good at experimenting with different types and colors of cosmetics, but I don’t think I can ever break away from powdering my face after applying my base. I know there are tons of people out there who don’t use setting powder all over their face, and their makeup looks all flawless and dewy, but I just need to powder.

6.) What is one beauty thing you suck at? (ex: eyeliner like cat eye or taking your makeup off at the end of the day, etc.)

False lashes. I truly love how they make my eyes look when applied properly, but I suck at applying them.

7.) What is one thing in beauty that you don’t understand its hype? (Technique, trend, etc.)

There was a spidery lash trend that was trying to gain popularity a few months back that I just couldn’t understand. People were actually applying mascara so that their eyelashes clumped together and looked jagged. Most of us spend so much time applying smooth coats of mascara and combing out the clumps so that our lashes are fluttery and soft – why undo everything we have worked so hard for? 

  And there you have the Beauty Confessions Tag! Thanks so much for tagging me Cassie! Be sure to visit Cassie's blog , as well as the amazing people I tagged above, to see how they answered – I’m sure they have some fabulous responses!

Thanks so much for stopping by - live a beautiful life!




  1. Thanks so much for doing the tag! I love your answers! I'm with you on the shadow. I wish here was an all matte brights palette. Every matte palette is always nudes.

    1. Thanks for asking me - it was fun! I'd definitely be interested in doing future beauty-related tags :)

  2. Hey Jessica!! Thanks so much for tagging me. Here is my post :) http://mypinkrambles.com/2016/03/20/the-beauty-confessions-tag/


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