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So Fresh and so Clean: DIY Daily Brush Cleaner!

Let's talk makeup brushes: they are a necessity for an expertly applied face, but they can be a PITA to keep clean! Cleaning your brushe...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

So Fresh and so Clean: DIY Daily Brush Cleaner!

Let's talk makeup brushes: they are a necessity for an expertly applied face, but they can be a PITA to keep clean! Cleaning your brushes is an absolute must; it removes old makeup and skin cells so your application of blush, bronzer and eye shadow stays true to color, it kills harmful bacteria that breeds in the bristles, and it conditions the hair - real or synthetic - to keep your brushes soft and help them last longer.  While I try to give my brushes regular baths to keep them in tip-top shape, it doesn't always happen as often as it should... which is why I use a daily brush cleaner to help in between deep-cleansing.
MUFE Instant Brush Cleaner, $19.00
If you are in search of a good daily brush cleaner, the options are endless. Brush cleaners range in price, from high-end to extremely affordable, and you can purchase them at any number of retailers, from Sephora and Ulta to Target and CVS, or through numerous online retailers.
E.L.F. Daily Brush Cleaner, $3.00

For awhile, I would purchase my daily brush cleaner...however, I was going through it pretty quickly considering I spot clean between 5 and 10 brushes a day, sometimes more. A bottle of cleaner would last me 2 to 3 weeks at most, and at $19 a pop it was getting pricey. Sure, the E.L.F cleaner is a lot more affordable at $3 a bottle, but I realized that I could save myself a ton of money by making my own daily brush cleaner. Many of the products on the market have two major ingredients: alcohol and water. Ummm...why are we paying so much for a name brand again?

The brushes I use regularly need to be kept clean
I began to research recipes, and while there are many recipes out there that use a variety of ingredients from olive oil to dish soap, I prefer the simple approach: 
3 easy steps, 3 products, one spray bottle. 

Keep your brushes clean with alcohol, essential oil and water

Step One: Add Alcohol

Fill spray bottle (I use a small bottle, but any size will do) about halfway with alcohol. I use 91% Isopropyl alcohol, which can be found at any drugstore for around $2.00. You can also use a lesser percentage, but I feel that more bacteria is eradicated and the brushes dry faster using 91%. 

Step 2: Add essential oil

Add 5-10 drops of essential oil of your choosing. I prefer lavender because I enjoy the calming scent, but you can use peppermint, jasmine, orange etc. This 1 ounce bottle ran me a little over $5.00 on Amazon, and it will last me for quite awhile. The oil not only takes away from the harsh smell of the alcohol, but also helps soften the brushes and prevents them from drying out... and adds a spa-like aura to your makeup routine!

Step 3: Add water and shake

Fill the rest of the bottle up with water and shake well. You can use distilled water - it's actually best to use it if you have hard water to prevent deposits and build up - but since I use tap water to wash my brushes and I'm a little lazy  I prefer to keep things simple,
 I just fill it up with water from my sink. 

Spray away!

After applying makeup, spray your dirty brushes generously; I use 3-10 sprays depending on the size of the brush and the product used (more for liquid foundation on a large brush, less for a small brush used for powdered eye shadow)

Wipe off that gunk!

Wipe the brush on a paper towel until it is clean (no more product comes off). You can do this once you are done applying all of your makeup, or in between applying each product (the way I do it). If you like to use the same brush to apply several products, you can lightly clean the brush in between each item used, as it will dry quickly because of the alcohol. 

Ahh - so fresh and so clean!

Once all your brushes are clean you can put them away. 
You are good to go for the next use!

Remember, this does not replace regular cleanings with soap and water
Using a daily brush cleaner removes surface product, keeping your color application
 true (no more muddy blush!) and preventing bacterial build up; however, you still must wash your brushes thoroughly every couple of weeks (more or less, depending on your makeup use)! Thoroughly cleaning brushes removes deep down buildup and grime that you can't see, keeping your brushes in great shape so they can continue to help 
you look your best for years to come.  

Do you clean your brushes daily? If so, what products do you like to use?

Thanks for reading! Until next time, 


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