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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cover Girl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation Review and Application Routine

Hi Lovelies!

While perusing the aisles of CVS looking for a quick and easy everyday foundation, my eye landed upon CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation. It fit all my needs: oil free, shine controlling, easy-to-use packaging, they had my color match, and it was a fantastic price. It runs for $8.99 at my local CVS, but I had $5 in extra bucks, so I only paid $4 - what a deal!

I have to tell you, the first couple of times I used this product I was just. not. impressed. I was deeply disappointed because I had heard such awesome things about it , such as it almost completely covers imperfections, it controls shine for hours, and it stays put all day. Why wasn't it working for me??? Now here's where I confess that the first time I tried CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation was when I was on a cruise to Bermuda... I did not bring my trusty Beauty Blender,  nor did I bring my coveted Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki. Nope. I brought a disposable wedge sponge in the hopes of paring down my makeup kit. Big mistake. Huge! Not only was I trying a foundation for the first time while abroad, but I didn't even bring the proper tools!  What was I thinnnkkking??

I've heard it said that this foundation is so easy to use that it can be applied with your fingers, but seriously, I am not a finger-application kind of girl. I never get even coverage, my foundation always ends up streaky - it's a hot mess. Which is why I brought along the wedge sponge, thinking it would do the job. It did not. Luckily I did bring my favorite BB cream, and I was able to use that for the trip. Crisis averted.

Now, you may be wondering how CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation came to be a part of my regular foundation routine, since I had such bad luck with it on my trip. I'll tell you - it's all in the application! When I returned home,  decided to give the foundation another chance, because how can so many beauty gurus be wrong? I'm so happy I did! First I tried it with my Beauty Blender, then my Sigma F80, and it was a success both times! This just proves to me that the right tools can make or break a product. Since then, I cannot put CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation down! It has become my go-to every day foundation, and I love it!

Despite all the rave reviews, there are a few things I've discovered while using CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation: I find that it blends well, provides light to medium coverage and can be layered easily; however, while the coverage is good, it does not completely mask imperfections - concealer is needed to tackle any pesky spots. Many reviews I have seen say that this foundation eliminates the need for touch ups on oily skin, but I completely disagree. While it does keep oil at bay longer than many foundations I have tried, I still need to blot within 3-4 hours of wear. Also, this does not last all day on me. When I use this, I set it with powder and setting spray to give it extra staying power; this application process helps me get a good 6 hours of wear time, but when I need long-wearing, full day coverage I still reach for my Estee Lauder Double Wear.

The only other downfall is that it has a pretty limited color selection - 12 shades ranging from 105 Classic Ivory to 320 Soft Sable. While there is a nice mix of cool and warm tones, you may have to get creative and combine two colors to get your perfect match. I have been using the shade 115 Buff Beige, which is perfect for right now, but as I grow paler I  will have to drop down a level or two. Shade 110 Creamy Natural seems to be on the pink side, so I will most likely end up mixing Shade 105 Classic Ivory with the 115 Buff beige to achieve the correct color for my skin tone.

Now on to the fun part - pictures of me applying makeup - lucky you!

I start by applying a primer to  a freshly washed and moisturized face. Today I used Too Faced Primed and Poreless, which I use sparingly and apply by patting it onto my most oily areas (forehead, nose and chin).

Next I squeeze out a dime-sized amount of CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation onto my finger, and dab it all over my face and upper neck area, with the most product in the center of my face.

I then take my Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki and start to stipple it all over my face, spreading out the foundation so that there is more product in the center (where I need more coverage), and less toward the perimeter.

Once my face and neck are covered, I then buff the product into my skin to get a seamless, airbrushed look. I pay special attention to blending out the edges so there are no harsh lines, especially around my jaw and my ears/ hairline. I actually bring the foundation down my neck, working it in until the transistion from foundation to bare skin is unnoticeable.

Following my foundation, I spot correct any areas that might need extra coverage,  and make sure there are no obvious lines of demarcation.

From there, I apply my under eye corrector (check out my Undereye Concealer Routine)  and blend it out with the E.L.F. Flawless Concealer Brush. This helps cover up the dark circles on the inner corners of my eyes.

I then apply a brightening concealer anywhere I want to add light - mainly underneath my eye area, the bridge of my nose, the center of my forehead and my cupids bow. I blend out the concealer with the Sigma F86 Tapered Kabuki, which really blends nicely around the contours of the eye.

Lastly, I apply setting powder with a large, soft puff, pressing the powder into my skin, not swiping it. Pressing or rolling the powder helps keep oil at bay longer, and creates a smooth, lasting finish.

 And there you have, my completed foundation/ concealer routine for quick, everyday makeup :)

From here, I go on to contour, highlight, apply blush etc., which really adds life back into my face. I actually look creepy with just foundation and concealer, lol... if you are interested in seeing my contour/highlight routine, let me know :)

Have you tried the CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation? If so, what is your take on it?

Thanks so much for reading - live a beautiful life!



  1. I will have to try out the foundation, bevause it sounds amazing! (:

    1. It's a great everyday foundation Yohana - let me know if you try it out!

  2. it looks great on you! I really wish drug store brands would provide more color selections so brown girls like me could wear them too :) but yours seems to fit perfectly

    Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams

    1. Thank you so much Giselle! Yeah, the colors are very limited - I even have to mix two colors to get my exact shade-match sometimes!

  3. I've heard a lot of things about this foundation, I love the in depth review you gave and you weren't afraid to tell the cons of the product either.

    1. Thanks Erica! I try to give an honest opinion about a product that people know what to really expect. I can't stand when reviews only mention the good things, and then you get the product yourself and are disappointed.

  4. Do it stay on even when u get really hot and would it work well for someone over 50.

    1. It lasted pretty well for me, and i have super oily skin. Also, it didn't settle into my fine lines, so I think it may be well-suited for mature skin!


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