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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tuesday Tips - 10/20/15

Hi lovely readers! Today I bring you a new series, Tuesday Tips! On select Tuesdays, I will be sharing with you little tips and tricks that I have discovered help to make my makeup routine go more smoothly, or make application a little bit easier.

Today's tip is so simple: Baby Wipes!!!

$3.29 for 72 unscented wipes at CVS.com

They are a true multi-purpose tool when it comes to makeup; not only can you use them to wipe off your hands when you get makeup on them, but you can also use them to clean up makeup mistakes (like smudged eyeliner or lipstick), and even to clean up spills on your vanity or counter! I use a whole package at least one every time I do my makeup, and it saves so much time! After I apply a product with my fingers, I wipe them off on the baby wipe so they are clean and ready for the next product. When I apply my foundation, I pump it onto the back of my hand; when I'm all done, I wipe away the remainder with a baby wipe! There are so many uses, and they are just so convenient to store in my makeup drawer - it keeps me from having to get up and run to the bathroom to wash my hands when they get dirty, which means I can get things done more quickly. I also use them to wipe away swatches, to wipe down my vanity when I'm done applying my makeup, and -in a pinch- to quickly clean my brushes (just wipe them off with a wipe to remove product! This works really well for eyeliner,concealer, and lip brushes.).

$7.29 for 216 wipes at CVS.com

You can use any wipe you like, but I prefer the unscented version, just because I feel like they are less harsh when used around my eyes and on my face. There are countless brands to choose from, and I find that the CVS brand (or any store brand) works great! Baby wipes are more affordable than makeup remover wipes, which is why I buy them for tasks like cleaning up my hands. Now, if you are looking for wipes to remove all of your makeup at the end of the day, you're better off picking a makeup remover wipe specifically designed for taking off long wear and waterproof makeup. Makeup remover wipes are more expensive, but they contain ingredients that help dissolve makeup, and are therefore better for taking off stubborn mascara and eyeliner.

That's my tip for today - I hope you find it useful! If you have any tips or tricks that you love, please share them in the comments!

Thanks so much for reading - live a beautiful life!



  1. I always use makeup wipes, but this totally makes sense to keep on my vanity to clean up messes or swatches off my hand!! Brilliant! <3

  2. I used to use a hand towel or facecloth, but the damp wipe works so much better, and I don't end up with stains all over my towels haha.


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